i2i 2014 StoryFest Poster

Our place in this World.

Three elementary schools in the NCSD participated in long term Ideas to Inspire™ projects. The overall theme was Our Place in This World. The goal was to develop, write, rehearse and record a song from scratch. Each school had a different take and approach to the theme. A new rock and roll instrument was introduced each session.
The students came together to celebrate their projects at the 3rd Annual i2i StoryFest, at The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center on May 1, 2014.  Guest Artists will present: Oral Tradition with Inda Eaton; Myth & Metaphor with Paul Taylor; Sound & Rhythm with Jeffrey Smith & Curt Mychael;  Hypothesis & Conclusion with Casper Mountain Science School; and Signs & Symbols with Nancy Atlas.
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Park: Here I am at Park

Collected Memories

Mrs. Maguire’s 4th-5th Grade class is laid back and likes to have a good time. Their take on the overall theme was, Collected Memories. In our writing groups, we worked with the concept of snapshots, scrap books and photo albums. In the end, they wrote, ‘Here I am at Park’.

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Oregon Trail: Our Place in This World


Transition was the theme for Oregon Trail. The 5th graders made a mural with Paul Taylor about Transition, Predator to Prey, Day to Night and Seasons. We used the mural as a compass in our writing groups and the students wrote about the transition from starting at a new school and moving on to the next place. Their song is: ‘Our Place in this World’.

[youtube https://youtu.be/svdB9aNa7Qc]

Sagewood: Life in this World is Great

Rites of Passage

Sagewood worked with the idea of Rites of Passage and Ritual. Sagewood also built cajons with the University of Wyoming Tech Education program. After studying every Rite of Passage imaginable – they clicked their heals and realized that their own rite of passage was creating something from nothing, building cajons, learning how to play the drums and recording their own song, ‘Life in this World is Great’.