Inda Eaton is a storyteller in song and in spirit. She founded Authentic Productions: Ideas to Inspire as an organization to promote curiosity and creativity through authentic adventures. The education programs that she presents explore inspiration, imagination, song writing and self expression through programs, workshops, individual instruction and public events. All programs culminate with a creative project.

As a professional singer/songwriter and performing artist, Inda Eaton brings a unique skill-set of real-world learning experiences to the i2i program participants.  She is joined by the energy and enthusiasm of hard-working indie artists who share their ongoing wisdom, practical knowledge, performance skills, original ideas and storytelling magic.

Jeffrey Smith

Drummer, percussionist, rhythmic artist and educator

Curt Mychael

Songwriter, singer, producer, bass player, artist and educator

B. Rehm-Gerdes

Guitarist, recording engineer, audio consultant, electronic-peddle-making-wizard, artist and educator

Amanda Sutton

Teacher and academic adviser

Strategic Alliances

On a quantitative level, our success is also measured through our strategic partnerships with academic professionals.  During the past three years, we have been working closely with the Natrona County School District in Casper WY.  We have recorded over 50 songs, by children in schools (grades K-12) and in juvenile correctional facilities. Through these aggregated experiences with approximately 10,000 students, we are researching data that measures the impact of our “out-of-the-box” type of learning on the test scores for common core education standards (STEM test scores).  The results will be published in the dissertation work of one of our academic partners.