The Sagewood Elementary 5th grade class will visit the Technical Education department at the University of Wyoming to learn about cajón drum construction on Tuesday, November 5th from 11-1:00pm at Casper College in the Gateway building.

The cajón is a latin percussion box drum.  The UW/CC tech students are building 11 cajóns with the Sagewood students as part of a long-term project with the NCSD Discover program, Ideas to Inspire (i2i™) and Inda Eaton.  Ultimately, the students will participate in construction, geometric design, hand drum education, songwriting, recording and performance.  The Sagewood 5th grade will perform their final song at the Discover- i2i™ event at the National Historic Trails Center in May, 2014.

The UW/CC Technical Education students (under direction and leadership of Rod Thompson) will work with the 5th graders to construct the cajóns.  After construction, students will work with musician Inda Eaton to write, record and perform the original work.  Jeffrey Smith, a member of Inda’s national touring band will teach basic hand drumming techniques and will record additional instructional videos hosted on

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