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The NCSD Discover program, Inda Eaton and the National Historic Trails Center have partnered together to present an ‘Ideas to Inspire’ festival workshop on Thursday, April 11th, 2013 starting at 10am at the Trails Center. Three 4th and 5th grade classes are coming together at the Trails Center next Thursday to interact, learn and share their storytelling projects created throughout the year during their NCSD Discovery Days with presenters Inda Eaton and Paul Taylor.  The theme of the gathering is inspiration through storytelling.  The general focus of the student projects is connection to place: neighborhood, town and state. Attendees include 4th and 5th graders from Sagewood, Mills and Park Elementary schools. Students will rotate through various storyteller presentations at the museum throughout the day with a break for lunch. Presenters include:  Inda Eaton, Paul Taylor, Jeffrey Smith and Painted Past performers. The ‘Ideas to Inspire’ workshops will conclude with a performance hosted by Inda Eaton where students will share their work and tell the story of their projects that they created throughout the year during their NCSD Discovery programs. On display during the event will be a mural created by the Sagewood 4th Grade with presenter, Paul Taylor. Presenters include: Inda Eaton (Musician/Storyteller), Paul Taylor (Australian Storyteller, Didgeridoo player and Traveler), Jeffrey Smith (Percussionist/Rhythm tells a story) and a representative of the Painted Past (living history through oral tradition).


“The whole idea reminds me of a TED talk tailored for elementary school students.  The concept of inspiration is the catalyst for all creative projects and imagination.  Your typical 4th or 5th grader experiences inspiration all of the time but doesn’t have a word for it.  Sometimes I don’t even have a word for it.” – Inda Eaton

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