WE'RE GONNA FLY was written by the Manor Heights 5th grade (class of 2023) in Casper, Wyoming. The project was produced by Ideas to Inspire™ in the 2015-16 academic year with the theme:  The Creative Power of Time and Nature.

The project was made possible by the NCSD Discover program.

Manor Heights 'wanted to rock' and was insistent that we include the electric guitar and standard drum kit.  The 5th grade developed spring fever early in the year and was ready to fly the coop.  This excitement came out in the writing groups and they nailed it in WE'RE GONNA FLY.

Writers: Manor Heights 5th grade Producer: Inda Eaton Audio Engineer/Mix: B. Rehm-Gerdes Photography: Jeffrey Smith Video Editing: Inda Eaton i2i™ Curriculum Director: Amanda Sutton Musical instruments & Backline:  Carl Jones of CJ Sound Special thanks: Lori Burns, Kelly Eastes, NCSD Discover, CJ Sound,  Rene Penton-Jones & the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center in Casper, Wyoming.