The i2i™ Cajón Project is a collaboration with the University of Wyoming Technical Education program, NCSD Discover and Sagewood Elementary School. The UW/CC Technical Education students will work with the 5th graders to construct the cajóns.  After construction, students will work with musician Inda Eaton to write, record and perform the original work.  Jeffrey Smith, a member of Inda’s national touring band will teach basic hand drumming techniques and will record additional instructional videos hosted in the i2i™ Library/Skills section. A word from the University of Wyoming Technical Education Program Rod Thompson (Instructor), Jacob Ramey, Russell Stutheit, Drew Zwieg, Tom Sanford and Pete Stocker.
The University of Wyoming Technical Education program is one that broadens the understanding of technological systems in the area of communication, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and power and energy. By knowing these different technological systems and the process of these activities the program teaches how to develop curriculum for the classroom. When the present Technical Education group decided to join Sagewood with their i2i cajon project, the goal was to connect with students and incorporate concepts of math and music with the construction of cajons.