Mills Mavericks montage
The Mills Mavericks Song is performed and written by the Mills Elementary 5th grade (Class of 2020) and Inda Eaton. The project is the result of a year long songwriting-recording exploration made possible by the NCSD Discover program. Listen to the song:

Project Planning and Integration with Education Standards

All of our programming and activities begin with intensive planning and review of curriculum standards with teachers and stakeholders. The tools we use help students create, write, perform and record a song based on their individual and collective inspiration. Click to read this PDF overview ( Ideas to Inspire Curriculum Integration) and to learn more about how our programming, activities and tools were integrated with the Common Core State Education Standards for a specific elementary school project.

Songwriting-Recording Project Begins

On this Discover day, the Mills 5th grade were introduced to multi track recording, performance, storytelling and team building exercises.The project goal was to imagine, write and record a song using our own inspiration.

Guest Instructors

Rhythm was a strong influence in the songwriting-recording project. In October, students were introduced to the role and importance of bass in popular music, multi track recording, performance, storytelling and team building exercises. Guest instructors:
  • Jefffey Smith (Milwaukee, WI) - Percussionist
  • Curt Mychael (Milwaukee, WI) - Bass

 Music Appreciation

In October, students were introduced to Herk and his electric guitar collection from the WY Blues and Jazz Society. gallery

Recording Percussion

In addition to our ongoing writing, we began to record our percussion tracks using found objects, chair smashing, and traditional percussion.

Developing the Lyrics and Melody

After an inspiration session/assembly, we divided into smaller groups and worked on the lyrics using journals, free associative writing techniques and story cubes to tell our story.

Chorus completed and Mills 5th grade class sings the song for the first time in music class with Mrs. Wilson

Early April

Parts are developed for orchestra and band students.

APR 10 - Students Record Instruments

Mills 5th grade recorded flute, cello, violin, saxophone and clarinet.

APR 11 - i2i™ Event

The Mills 5th grade was invited to attend I2I inspiration/creativity event at the Trails Center along with Sagewood and Park elementary schools.

i2i™ Event Coverage by K2TV

Project Completed