Workshops & Projects

Inda Eaton songwriting

Songwriting and Storytelling

Our creative process motivates students to write communicate, collaborate and express their ideas and feelings in a supportive environment

Ideas to Inspire™ fuses arts and technology, songwriting and storytelling. Students explore creativity, imagination and self expression through programs, workshops, individual instruction and public events. With our academic partners we strive to augment the core curriculum standards using our imaginative approach to learning.

Audio Recording

B. Rehm-Gerdes sound engineering
Working side-by-side with music professionals provides a hands-on learning opportunity in an area not normally covered in the standard curriculum. Real-life recording tools and sound engineering augment the lessons of music teachers.

Live Music Performance

Creation often begins with a dream to perform for a live audience.

Original Songs Created

What You See
Time Keeps Moving On
Nature is Change
Electric Guitar
I am Humanity
Ideas to Inspire notebook

Critical Thinking

Inda Eaton and her team of music professionals work directly with students to explore songwriting, basic audio recording and live music performance.

Inda student writing