Songwriting, Storytelling & Self-Expression
Songwriting, Storytelling & Self-Expression

Here I am at Park

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I?m eating a Klondike bar
It?s a blue-sky sunny day
These are memories at Park
On the bus for the first time
Dropped off at the fence line
Now it?s a strange and crazy day

Here I am at Park
Some things always change
Brave and crazy friends
Some things stay the same

Snapshot from a field trip
Casper Mountain overnight
It?s a lesson ? all week long it went
Made friends for the first time
Tried our hands at didgeridoo
My best time at Park

Still lovin? the Klondike Bars
Going on to middle school
I hate to say goodbye
Walking into a new door
We?re moving on to a brand new show
With our friends we made for life